West by West Midlands Social, Saturday 13th March 2010, Birmingham UK

WxWM 2 Broadcasting Live on Rhubarb Radio

Listen to WxWM live on Rhubarb Radio

We’re broadcasting WxWM 2 live on Rhubarb Radio from 7pm – 11pm GMT on Thursday 28th May. If you want to catch the action live, tune in online here.


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Liveblogging Rota

Oh, lummy. I’ve even done a rote for liveblogging. Here you go for those who’ve kindly volunteered:

1455 – 1530 Jaki B

1530-1600 Julia H

1600-1630 Shona

1630-1700 Mark S


1730-1800 Kasper S

1800-1830 Jon H

18-30-1900 (Texas hook-up) Antonio R

1900-1930 Nicky G

1930-2000 Shona

We’ll be using Cover it Live as the live blogging platform. It’s dead easy to use, but if you want to go and have a play before the event, sign up for free here, click on the ‘try it now’ tab and go for the ‘practice session’. If I can use it, then a drunk goldfish could. Please let me know if you’ve got any problems with any of the above!

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Rootin’, tootin’, bostin Brum!


(design courtesy of Katie Parry)

On Saturday 14th March, two things will be occuring. Ok, well, more than two things, but I’m just focusing on two of them. SxSW and its counter-culture-cousin: WxWM. West by West Midlands.

The Brum babes are taking on Texas. Why? We’re all ragged that we can’t be in Texas! So, bringing a little Southern Comfort to the most landlocked city in the UK allows us to show them that you don’t need to be at SxSW to be involved.

A live blog is planned to run from approximately 3pm GMT on Saturday 14th March, following the haphazard shennanigans of the WxWM posse. Shoulder pads will be jousted, webz will be wiggled.

Stay tuned….

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