West by West Midlands Social, Saturday 13th March 2010, Birmingham UK

The numbers game


For one night only, attendees will become numbers at WxWM 2. In addition to those who’ve come forward and offered to speak, we asked you to bring a question or a topic (and a stetson and a dongle). You will be assigned a number. If your number is drawn, courtesy of the magic of random number generation, you’ll be asked to tout your question or topic, with it opening up to the floor to discuss, debate and share experiences. You don’t need to have a speech prepared, or anything fanciful, just be prepared to pipe up. It’s all about starting a conversation in a pub and having an element of the unknown to boot.

The WxWM posse are really looking forward to seeing you all next week and are thrilled at yet another excuse to get some beer down our necks chance to do something a bit different. Thanks to all of you who have signed up so far – it’s fantastic that so many of those that joined us for the original event are back for more, and it’s equally fabulous that we’ve got some new blood coming along! Inclusion is important to us, so the fact that this has given an opportunity for new people to be a part of it all warms the cockles. Or summat. Anyway, this is how we roll.

Not signed up yet? Better be quick – only a few spaces now remaining! You can register at our Eventbrite page.


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WxWM is back: Sue Ellen’s Almighty Hangover | 28th May 2009


Dust off your stetsons: we’re back! Naturally, most people would assume that, as Moseley Barcamp is our current priority, we wouldn’t have time to organise anything else. Well, we got a bit itchy – 12 weeks isn’t the sort of lead time we’re used to. We needed a challenge: something to get us a bit cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof dancy. So, we’re running Sue Ellen’s Almighty Hangover on 28th May. It’ll kick off at 7pm in the Spotted Dog, Warwick Street, Digbeth.

wxwm2map copy
(map blatantly stolen from Paradise Circus and subsequently adapted with some truly amateurish photoshopping)

Why are we doing this? Ok, well in the same way that a few folk wanted to get involved in something because they couldn’t be in Texas for SxSWi, we were a little bit surprised that we weren’t aware of Screen WM’s sold-out Postcards from the USA event. It’s proved popular – so much so, that by the time we knew about it all the tickets were gone, which we most certainly doff our caps to the organisers for – and very bloomin’ interesting it looks, too! Clearly, a rogue plague of cable-chewin’ varmits got at Screen WM’s database and ate our contact data and, having spent some time talking with Jason Hall from Screen WM, I have instructed him to seek out the varmits and start feeding them proper stuff – fudge cake – to keep their pesky teeth away from the wires. As Jason says:

“Having failed spectacularly at bringing together SXSW and WXWM under one roof, Screen WM is delighted to lend our official support to your defiantly no-approval-necessary-from-the-likes-of-us event in a non-officious way. Let’s continue this thing as it started … Two groups joined in spirit, separated by distance (hundreds of yards instead of thousands of miles) and communing through blogs, tweets, Qik, Flickr or any other means necessary. Heck… May even see you for a pint after. Should be fun!”

So, if you are lucky enough to have bagged a ticket, we sincerely hope you have a fab time at the event! But… if you weren’t able to get a ticket, fear not – because you are very welcome to come and join us for an evening of beer and banter to talk about a plethora of things relating to WxWM, social media, the web….. and maybe even special running pants. There’s no set agenda as such – but hopefully we’ll have a couple of talks from some of our finest cowboys from the original event. This is about likeminded folk who’d like to get together to talk about things that they’re interested in and find out more about the what’s, when’s and who’s of Brum social media mayhem in true WxWM style. If you want to share your experience of the original WxWM event, debate a relevant issue, have a question or want to talk about your latest online project, then please be our guest! In fact, bring a question with you – a question, a dongle (see below) and a stetson, that’s all we ask!

We haz a delegashun

Because we felt really sorry for Screen WM’s varmit infestation, we offered them the opportunity to send some delegates from their event, so they wouldn’t miss out. Fingers crossed, we’ll be joined by a few fab folk from Postcards from the USA to join in our inimitable banter.



Naturally, because we are complete and utter media whores, our lovely friends from Rhubarb Radio will be joining us to capture the rapture and to document what will, hopefully, be another great fringe event.


Filthy talk. Oh, sorry – those kind of dongles. We need your dongles. We’re running on a very limited wifi connection on the evening and, basically, we need all the wifi bandwidth there is to broadcast live that night. So, in politest and sweetest of voices, please avoid hooking up to the venue’s wifi or I will have to borrow a varmit and put it down your pants. Instead, save yourself the horror and, if you want to be connected, a 3G or dongle tool (fnar) would be your friends! Thank you.

Wanna come?

The venue’s limited to 45 people, so if you’d like to join us please sign up at our eventbrite page!

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