West by West Midlands Social, Saturday 13th March 2010, Birmingham UK

WxWM 2 Broadcasting Live on Rhubarb Radio

Listen to WxWM live on Rhubarb Radio

We’re broadcasting WxWM 2 live on Rhubarb Radio from 7pm – 11pm GMT on Thursday 28th May. If you want to catch the action live, tune in online here.


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WxWM 2 – Fully Booked

WxWM 2 is now fully booked – thanks to all who’ve registered to attend!

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WxWM 2 – Thursday 28th May: The Unagenda and other information


Being the antithesis of anything formal is a tough job, but one we adore. We’ve been approached by a few fantastic folk who are happy to get up and talk – after possibly an intriguing warm-up (hope you’re all feeling limbered up after it) our first speaker will pick up from where we left off at the original WxWM to ease us back into the spirit of rebellion.

Agenda shmagenda – we run on adrenaline and beer and not by rigid timeframes and stuffy rules, so we’re hoping to keep it all mixed up with speakers, ‘live tweeting’ of topics randomly picked from the throng (so have those questions or topics at the ready) and live cartooning from the excellent Tribune cartoonist Alex Hughes. So make sure you’re lookin’ purdy, as Alex may well capture you in your full glory!

What to bring

  • Stetson, of course (or if you can don another piece of utterly ridiculous headwear, we’ll go for that. I’m thinking feather fascinators for the boys, then 😀 ). If you’re anti-hat, fear not, we’ll still let you in.
  • A means of connecting to teh internetz that won’t need to use wi-fi. We’re maxing out the broadband to broadcast the event live via Rhubarb Radio, but would love it if those who can bring their own 3G/dongle connection thingummies (phone, laptop, whatever floats your boat) would do so if they want to put the social into media!
  • Those who’ve agreed to bring equipment – please can you be there early so we can have everything set up by no later than 6.40pm. We fancy a beer before it starts!
  • Speakers – if you’ve said you’re running (or might want to run and haven’t mentioned it to us yet) a presentation, please bring whatever equipment you need. There’s a pre-installed projector and screen for speakers, and we’ve had the kind offer of additional projector/screen from Jon Bounds for Alex’s artsing.

Putting it out there

Hashtag is #wxwm if you’re tweeting about us. Follow us on Twitter @wxwm. If you can’t join us in person, use Twitterfall to set up a custom search for the #wxwm hashtag and get interacting. Want to just sit back and listen? Watch out for us publicising where to find the audio feed from Rhubarb Radio shortly – it’s the best way to keep up with the action as it happens if you’re not at the event.


We’ll start at 7pm prompt. WxWM posse will be at the Spotted Dog from about 6pm, so feel free to swing by for a cheeky beer and to muck in if you want to. Would be excellent if everyone could be in the venue by 6.50pm, so you can sneak in a beer and bag a seat. If you’re joining us later, this is fine – just pop in when you’re ready or willing.

Where are we going, again?

It’s at The Spotted Dog, Warwick Street, Digbeth (make sure you go to the one in Warwick Street, as there is another Spotted Dog in Digbeth. I found this out last night as my taxi driver took me on a magical mystery tour). Please note, food’s not served at the venue, so please ensure you are suitably fed!


Any questions? Email us or stick ’em in the comments. Otherwise, we are very much looking forward to seeing you on Thursday night. Yeee-haw!

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The numbers game


For one night only, attendees will become numbers at WxWM 2. In addition to those who’ve come forward and offered to speak, we asked you to bring a question or a topic (and a stetson and a dongle). You will be assigned a number. If your number is drawn, courtesy of the magic of random number generation, you’ll be asked to tout your question or topic, with it opening up to the floor to discuss, debate and share experiences. You don’t need to have a speech prepared, or anything fanciful, just be prepared to pipe up. It’s all about starting a conversation in a pub and having an element of the unknown to boot.

The WxWM posse are really looking forward to seeing you all next week and are thrilled at yet another excuse to get some beer down our necks chance to do something a bit different. Thanks to all of you who have signed up so far – it’s fantastic that so many of those that joined us for the original event are back for more, and it’s equally fabulous that we’ve got some new blood coming along! Inclusion is important to us, so the fact that this has given an opportunity for new people to be a part of it all warms the cockles. Or summat. Anyway, this is how we roll.

Not signed up yet? Better be quick – only a few spaces now remaining! You can register at our Eventbrite page.

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WxWM is back: Sue Ellen’s Almighty Hangover | 28th May 2009


Dust off your stetsons: we’re back! Naturally, most people would assume that, as Moseley Barcamp is our current priority, we wouldn’t have time to organise anything else. Well, we got a bit itchy – 12 weeks isn’t the sort of lead time we’re used to. We needed a challenge: something to get us a bit cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof dancy. So, we’re running Sue Ellen’s Almighty Hangover on 28th May. It’ll kick off at 7pm in the Spotted Dog, Warwick Street, Digbeth.

wxwm2map copy
(map blatantly stolen from Paradise Circus and subsequently adapted with some truly amateurish photoshopping)

Why are we doing this? Ok, well in the same way that a few folk wanted to get involved in something because they couldn’t be in Texas for SxSWi, we were a little bit surprised that we weren’t aware of Screen WM’s sold-out Postcards from the USA event. It’s proved popular – so much so, that by the time we knew about it all the tickets were gone, which we most certainly doff our caps to the organisers for – and very bloomin’ interesting it looks, too! Clearly, a rogue plague of cable-chewin’ varmits got at Screen WM’s database and ate our contact data and, having spent some time talking with Jason Hall from Screen WM, I have instructed him to seek out the varmits and start feeding them proper stuff – fudge cake – to keep their pesky teeth away from the wires. As Jason says:

“Having failed spectacularly at bringing together SXSW and WXWM under one roof, Screen WM is delighted to lend our official support to your defiantly no-approval-necessary-from-the-likes-of-us event in a non-officious way. Let’s continue this thing as it started … Two groups joined in spirit, separated by distance (hundreds of yards instead of thousands of miles) and communing through blogs, tweets, Qik, Flickr or any other means necessary. Heck… May even see you for a pint after. Should be fun!”

So, if you are lucky enough to have bagged a ticket, we sincerely hope you have a fab time at the event! But… if you weren’t able to get a ticket, fear not – because you are very welcome to come and join us for an evening of beer and banter to talk about a plethora of things relating to WxWM, social media, the web….. and maybe even special running pants. There’s no set agenda as such – but hopefully we’ll have a couple of talks from some of our finest cowboys from the original event. This is about likeminded folk who’d like to get together to talk about things that they’re interested in and find out more about the what’s, when’s and who’s of Brum social media mayhem in true WxWM style. If you want to share your experience of the original WxWM event, debate a relevant issue, have a question or want to talk about your latest online project, then please be our guest! In fact, bring a question with you – a question, a dongle (see below) and a stetson, that’s all we ask!

We haz a delegashun

Because we felt really sorry for Screen WM’s varmit infestation, we offered them the opportunity to send some delegates from their event, so they wouldn’t miss out. Fingers crossed, we’ll be joined by a few fab folk from Postcards from the USA to join in our inimitable banter.



Naturally, because we are complete and utter media whores, our lovely friends from Rhubarb Radio will be joining us to capture the rapture and to document what will, hopefully, be another great fringe event.


Filthy talk. Oh, sorry – those kind of dongles. We need your dongles. We’re running on a very limited wifi connection on the evening and, basically, we need all the wifi bandwidth there is to broadcast live that night. So, in politest and sweetest of voices, please avoid hooking up to the venue’s wifi or I will have to borrow a varmit and put it down your pants. Instead, save yourself the horror and, if you want to be connected, a 3G or dongle tool (fnar) would be your friends! Thank you.

Wanna come?

The venue’s limited to 45 people, so if you’d like to join us please sign up at our eventbrite page!

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Moseley Barcamp

Moseley Barcamp is our new bouncing baby – born out of the lovely fun that was WxWM. We’re taking over the upstairs of The Cross in Moseley for the afternoon and evening of Sunday 28th June. The main event brings a range of folk with something to say about social media or the internetz to the floor to talk, with attendees very much a part of the action adding two-way dialogue, opinions, anecdote sharing and a great big dollop of fun.

Register now at http://moseleybarcamp.eventbrite.com/.

Visit www.mozcamp.wordpress.com for the latest news and updates.

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Where were you when #WXWM was trending?

On a weekend with St Patricks celebrations, Six Nations Rugby and SXSW, thirty people in a tiny room in Birmingham were in the top ten conversations on http://www.twitter.com. Impressive stuff, hopefully putting Brum a little be more central on the Social Internet’s map.

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The Fringe has a Fringe!

Missed out on being one of the WXWM 30? Feel like some company and a pint while you listen to Rhubarb Radio, and shout at us on Twitter?

A loose collaboration of WXWM’ers are assembling at the Hare & Hounds this afternoon, and the Kitchen Garden lot might be joining them wehn business concludes

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Nearly there….

So, for those who are confirmed as attending…. we’ll see you in the meeting room upstairs at the Kitchen Garden Cafe this afternoon! We start at 3pm, doors open at 2.50pm and it’d be just smashing if you could wear a stetson (or other fancy headgear)!


Bring an inquisitive mind, a dollop of wit, bags of talkability and a mighty wedge of fun 🙂 Panel hosts: bring the gear you need and your beautiful botties.

If you’re not attending, but want a piece of the action, you can follow the event live at Rhubarb Radio and on the live blog.

And remember: Sue Ellen is a drunk, a tramp and an unfit mother.


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WxWM Now Fully Booked


We’re now fully booked for the venue capacity. Thanks to everyone who’s confirmed they’re attending:

Andy Mabbett
Andy Parsons
Antonio Roberts
Ben Whitehouse 
Charlie Pinder
Danny Smith
Donato Esposito
Gemma Harris 
Jaki Booth
John Mostyn
Jon Bounds
Jon Hickman
Julia Gilbert
Julia Higginbottom
Kara Crozier 
Karen Strunks
Kasper Sorensen
Katie Parry
Katie Spragg
Mark Steadman
Matthew Somerville
Michael Grimes
Nat Higginbotham
Neil (rasga)
Nick Booth
Nicky Getgood
Paul Taylor 
Shona McQuillan
Simon Howes
Vikki Green

A reminder to attendees that WxWM start at 3pm tomorrow. Doors open (well, ok, just the one door) at 2.50pm so that we can get some top heckling in to perturb Mark Steadman and the Rhubarb Radio crew from the outset!

Don’t forget your Stetson, y’all…..

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