West by West Midlands Social, Saturday 13th March 2010, Birmingham UK

WxWM – Sue Ellen Haz A Thirsty | Saturday Social 13th March 2010

One year ago, I was frantically organising the first WxWM event. It was slightly chaotic and nerve-wracking but what came together in the space of the week was mad fun. With it came the acquisition of 3 fellow team buds.

In 2009, we ran 3 successful events – the original WxWM (in which we were narked that we weren’t going to Austin); WxWM 2: Sue Ellen’s Almighty Hangover (in which I was narked for another reason – tee hee!) and Moseley Barcamp, son of WxWM (in which I was not narked at anything at all!), ran as part of the Moseley Festival line up.

In 2010, many things have changed. I’m busier than ever with my artwork and the day job; one of the team has escaped to Southern shores; one has juggled being a mother, seeing her business grow with exciting pace and bouts of poor health; and the fourth, our technical guru, is naffing orf to Austin Texas as our WxWM ‘delegate’ for this years SxSWi. These challenges and pressures have meant that we’re not hosting an event as we did last year.

However, all things said and done, Sue Ellen is still a thirsty girl. Some call her greedy, I just like to think of her as a tad parched…..

On Saturday 13th March, we invite all those who feel right proper miffed that they ain’t going to SxSWi to join us to mark the anniversary of the pivotal shoehorning-about-thirty-people-into-a-smallish-room-and-making-them-talk event. We are not asking for anyone to prepare talks or ‘owt fancy; just a social event to get together and banter. If anyone wants to being a question to the table, please feel free to do so – hopefully we’ll have a few of those lovely beggars who know what they’re talking about to get a good discussion churning. You can even wear a hat if you want to.

At 3pm, we’ll be meeting in the Kitchen Garden Cafe, York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham – a nostalgic return to the original venue. We’re not booking out the meeting room – we’ll just scrabble around gathering bodies and tables and food and drinks with joyful abandon. This will allow those with chiddlers to join us for the initial stint of the get together. Bear in mind we’ll be descending on a public venue, so there’s no reservations – git your bum on a seat and grub on a plate.

At 5pm, when we get booted out of KGC, those who are after my own heart will merrily skip (I expect some mad skipping) to the Hare and Hounds over the road. They have beer. We like them.

Depending on how we’re faring, later we might even stumble back across the road for a curry. There are no tables booked. We live life by the seat of our pants and guffaw loudly in the face of caution and planning.

Please indicate on our wee Doodle thingy if you’ll be joining us!

And so, what will occur this Saturday will be the original plan that I for the event one year ago. It was going to be about people in a pub, talking and tweeting about webby/soc media stuff or what their nan had for dinner. But I got a bit distracted along the way….. 🙂

All are welcome. Please join us for, what will hopefully be, a pleasant afternoon and evening.

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3 Responses

  1. Fiona says:

    Would you like a SXSW satellite (well, Skype) linkup too m’dear?

  2. […] WxWM – Sue Ellen Haz A Thirsty | Saturday Social 13th March 2010 « WxWM – "There are no tables booked. We live life by the seat of our pants and guffaw loudly in the face of caution and planning." […]

  3. Karen Thomas says:

    Wish I could come, but sadly can’t!

    Wishing you a great weekend, one and all!

    Love Karen xxx

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