West by West Midlands Social, Saturday 13th March 2010, Birmingham UK

WxWM Now Fully Booked


We’re now fully booked for the venue capacity. Thanks to everyone who’s confirmed they’re attending:

Andy Mabbett
Andy Parsons
Antonio Roberts
Ben Whitehouse 
Charlie Pinder
Danny Smith
Donato Esposito
Gemma Harris 
Jaki Booth
John Mostyn
Jon Bounds
Jon Hickman
Julia Gilbert
Julia Higginbottom
Kara Crozier 
Karen Strunks
Kasper Sorensen
Katie Parry
Katie Spragg
Mark Steadman
Matthew Somerville
Michael Grimes
Nat Higginbotham
Neil (rasga)
Nick Booth
Nicky Getgood
Paul Taylor 
Shona McQuillan
Simon Howes
Vikki Green

A reminder to attendees that WxWM start at 3pm tomorrow. Doors open (well, ok, just the one door) at 2.50pm so that we can get some top heckling in to perturb Mark Steadman and the Rhubarb Radio crew from the outset!

Don’t forget your Stetson, y’all…..


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