West by West Midlands Social, Saturday 13th March 2010, Birmingham UK

WxWM Schedule

2pm – 3pm Room available for set up only*

2.50-3pm Attendees – git your butts into the room, please!

3pm: WxWM commences. Intro, housekeeping and a major avoidance of line dancing. Broadcasting starts online and on Rhubarb Radio.

3.05pm Panels commence

Today’s panels are (running order may vary):

  • Jon BoundsArse poo shit widdle – swearing and the meme, why it’s big hard and clever (or other topic TBC)
  • Kasper Sorenson Understanding the Differences: Using Social Media for Professional Purposes vs Personal Pleasure. BirminghamRecycled’s Kasper Sorenson is faced with the challenge of getting journalists into the habit of thinking of social media as a public debate, rather than just a place for chatting to friends. From his experience, Kasper’s view is that most people use social media primarily to nurture existing social relations and not to create new ones. How can journalism students using social media tools be educated about the differences and encouraged to engage in more public debate via the medium?
  • Charlie PinderTake two devices into the shower? Pervasive technology: covering various context-aware tech like Bluetooth, ultra local blogging, QRcodes, GPS trails, RFID
  • Nick BoothMe and My Troll: Sharing experiences of irritating f-wits we meet online
  • Gemma Harris and Kara Crozier – Birmingham School of Media
    Blogging, Therapy & Social Inclusion
    An overview of a social engagement project being run by some first year undergrads
  • Jon Hickman – one or more of the following:
    Birmingham School of Media
    Launching the arguably first Social Media MA programme in the country
    (Jon Hickman)
    It’s not MA Blogging. It’s not MA Lolcats. It will have words in it like discourse. I won’t apologise for that. Find out what a postgraduate degree in Twitter Social Media is, or might be, and tell me what you think.
    The Two Jonnies
    We share stuff, and borrow ideas from Blue Peter
    (Jons Bounds & Hickman)
    We’ll explain what We Share Stuff is, and ask for you to pledge support for our Digital Inclusion Conference fringe event next month. What’s Blue Peter all about? We’ll bring one we prepared earlier to show you…
    The Brains Trust
    What the hell is a social media consultant anyway?
    (Jons Bounds & Hickman with Nick Booth)
    Last time I asked Twitter what a social media consultant was Jon Bounds called his own job title “wanky”. Find out if “Social Media Consultant” is the new “Emo” (i.e. no one wants to be described as it even if they are).
  • Nicky GetgoodA local blog for local people – doing Digbeth is Good
  • Ben WhitehouseOnce upon a time: telling stories online
  • Andy MabbettWeb accessibility (TBC)
  • Antonio RobertsA short introduction to hacking. What it is, what it isn’t and tools available to make you a really creative hacker.

5.00pm Break. Food for those who pre-order it (we’ll get your food orders at the beginning of the afternoon)

5.25-30pm Panels recommence

6.20pm Break and prep for live link. Anyone who’s accrued a penalty at this point may be required to line dance.

6.30pm Live link to SXSW in Texas! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (If it works)

6.50pm-8pm Panels. Overflow from previous panels/ chill out/ network/ banter

* People required from 2pm:

  • Shona McQuillan. Check it out – I have to remind myself of this by scheduling myself.
  • Mark Steadman /Rhubarb Radio
  • Jaki Booth (Julia and Nat Higginbotham as back up, if possible – but no need to hurry)
  • Panel hosts who need to set up their equipment prior to the proceedings
  • Dolly Parton. Ok, well not really.

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4 Responses

  1. Andy Mabbett says:

    I am thinking of retrospectively titling my panel “Web accessibility for content authors who don’t do HTML”. Snappier titles welcome!

  2. Jon Bounds says:

    @andy “Web accessibility for those that know they _should_ but aren’t sure why”?

  3. Andy Mabbett says:

    @Jon It was, but I want to emphasise that the talk is not one of those for HTML coders, of which there is an abundance.

  4. […] developing the course. We’ve generated a lot of interest since we started talking about it at WxWM. Thanks for your interest thus far. Stick with us, it’s just getting […]

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