West by West Midlands Social, Saturday 13th March 2010, Birmingham UK

Attendees: Nom Nom Nom Alert


Spaghetti Western Cat says thank you to those of you who have already registered – we have a really lovely mix of people so far!

Spaghetti Western Cat need to ask attendees a question: do you want munchies at about 5pm? The lovely folk at the Kitchen Garden Cafe have to prep food for the evening menu from about 5pm, so the lovely day chef slinks off unless he’s needed. So, if a whole bunch of want to get some nommage around then, Spaghetti Western Cat needs to let them know…pronto. Remember, food and drink

Kitchen Garden Cafe have some scrummy food – if we give enough notice we can have food in a hearty, kind of mad-skillz style. We’d recommend the day menu for light bites and om-nom-nom-nom goodness, so we can keep going with the beers and not be too sleepy for our Texan rendezvous. You can see the sample daytime menu here. We just need an idea of the number of folk who will want food, please. Folks – it’s buy your own, just in case you weren’t aware. 😉

Please could you drop us a line here or DM us on Twitter @wxwm by Thursday night. I will try and get something sorted if numbers are sufficient, otherwise we can all just order when we get hungry up until about 4.30pm. Yum!


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